The Business of Pleasure - Excerpt

Drew Trotter felt like a hobbled gazelle amid a pride of lions, and he knew the exact reason.

Carmen De La Cruz.

Even with the entire distance of the ballroom between them, her gaze effectively stripped him of all his clothes, leaving him vulnerable. Her eyes were sending out tractor beams he was trying his damnedest to avoid.

His dick wasn't helping matters either. Not with it being hard enough to punch through steel. His cock was like a diving rod set on Carmen's pussy. His brain and his dick were usually in complete agreement. Had been since he'd had a talk with it in his teens. When it came to Carmen, he and his dick had agreed to disagree.

There were only so many adjustments one could make to one's crotch. Any more and he may as well put a neon sign that read OPEN FOR BUSINESS with an arrow pointing down.

How could one female manage to turn him inside out?

She was a she-devil. There was no other explanation. Or a voodoo priestess. Chloe had told him that Carmen had been born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Maybe she learned some tricks to keep men panting after her even though they knew she represented everything that was bad for them.

So very, very bad.

He looked up just in time to catch her wink. Her eyes promised everything he knew her body would, and could, deliver. Sean, Drew's best friend and now Chloe's husband, had told him that Carmen was a great person but hell on men.

Nothing about her said comfortable or family or stability. She appeared like the kind of girl men always wanted to have fun with but never tie down.

And Drew very much wanted roots.

Especially now, seeing Sean and Chloe together. There could be no doubt that the two of them were meant for each other. Watching them over the past few months, seeing their love and complete happiness, had only served to strengthen his longing to have that closeness.

The last thing he needed was Carmen throwing herself at him, practically begging him to fuck her.

But sometimes what he needed and what he wanted didn't line up. As much as he didn't need her in his life, he very much wanted her in his bed.

“Dance with me.”

Drew stiffened at the husky words breathed into his ear. He'd been so lost in his thoughts he hadn't heard her coming up behind him.

“No, thank you.”

“Oh, come on. You know you want to.”

No, actually, he didn't want to dance with her. Not unless she wanted to do the horizontal mattress mambo.


Carmen cocked her head and crossed her arms under her breasts. The motion pushed them up and caused them to almost spill from her low-cut strapless dress.

Was that her nipple?

His dick jumped.

Must be.

God, the woman was built like every man's wet dream: big, full breasts, tapered waist, and ample hips designed to take the brunt of a man's thrusts.

It was on those hips she now planted her fists. The pose thrust her breasts up and out.

She had made his breath catch when he saw her walking down the aisle. The entire world had fallen away.

The bright pink complemented her dark coloring to perfection. Her mocha skin glowed with vitality, and she seemed lit from the inside. Her normally wild riot of tight curls had been straightened and tamed into a sleek updo that showed off her long neck. But because she was still Carmen, stray curls had escaped their prison to frame her face.

Sometime during the reception, she'd let down her hair, and it floated around her shoulders in soft waves. His fingers itched to caress her curls to reassure himself that they were as soft as they looked.

She -- or someone else -- had done something to her eyes to make them even darker. Normally grass green, they were a smoky jade that held deep secrets, which belied innocence in the soft aura around her.

She was nothing if not a dichotomy.

Unlike the rest of the bridal party, she didn't have stars in her eyes as she watched the bride and groom. No, it had been more of a smirk crossed with a bit of confusion. She definitely wasn't having wedding envy. Carmen's entire demeanor broadcast exactly what she wanted.


The hotter, the sweatier, the dirtier, the better.


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